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StormRiderStormRider puts you aboard an aircraft whose mission is to fly into the middle of a violent storm and dissipate the storm with a missile-shaped device called a "FUSE." As you might expect, there are quite a few surprises along the way.

At its core, StormRider is a full-motion-flight-simulator-based attraction, very much like Star Tours. The aircraft you're riding in is fictional of course, and as you board you'll find a view screen at the front with a forward-looking view of the action. StormRider goes a step beyond Star Tours however, and introduces some surprise special effects (which I won't go into here so as not to spoil the surprise).

Before you board the aircraft there is a "pre-show" which introduces you to the aforementioned FUSE missile and gives you a rough idea of what to expect once you're aboard. The pre-show (and your pilot's dialog aboard the aircraft) are in Japanese.

This attraction is a lot of fun. The ride vehicles hold many more people than the Star Tours' vehicles do, and the ride motion seemed less violent than Star Tours—although still pretty wild. The added special effects are immersive, enhancing the overall experience considerably. This is an attraction that should not be missed, even by modest thrill-seekers.

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