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The Disney Gallery PhotoThe Disney Gallery is a showplace for the artwork, models, and ideas that have helped create Disney theme parks, theme park attractions and movies throughout Disney's 80+ years of existence. A quick walk up a flight of stairs (there is an elevator for those who have trouble with stairs) takes you to the gallery itself. The interior is done in hardwood panels and rich carpeting, and from the exterior you'd never know that such warm and elegant surroundings exist within (it looks like just another building in World Bazaar and is easily passed by—keep an eye out).

Recently the Disney Gallery has begun offering art classes. The classes are given by Japanese instructors, so fluency in Japanese is required to get the most out of them. There is a fee for the class, but you do get a nice souvenir folder to keep your completed artwork in.

The Disney Gallery also houses a shop which sells unique Disney merchandise featuring classic artwork from Disney attractions and movies, past and present. The Gallery is never crowded, and is a place every Disney fan should stop and see.

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